NCT’s Jaehyun and Lee Hyun-wool’s BL drama officially canceled

Kakao TV’s K-drama remake of the 2001 film ‘Bungee Jumping Of Their Own’ will cease its production. 

A representative of Kakao TV spoke to the press, “During production, we received concerns from the original screenwriter. After careful discussion, we decided to stop production to respect the writer.” From the beginning when the remake was first announced, Kakao TV has stated that they always respect the opinions of the screenwriter and the production crew of the original screenplay.

Bungee Jumping Of Their Own gets canceled

Earlier in November this year, NCT’s Jaehyun was confirmed to star as one of the two lead characters in ​​’Bungee Jumping Of Their Own’ alongside actor Lee Hyun Wook. This is the second time Jaehyun gets unlucky with his drama projects after his supposedly debut TV series, KBS2’s ‘Dear. M’ was indefinitely postponed right before its first broadcast in February 2021 due to leading actress Park Hye Soo’s bullying allegations. 

“Bungee Jumping on Their Own” is a movie about the romantic story of  “Seo In-woo” (Lee Byung-hun), who cannot forget his dead lover “In Tae-hee” (late Lee Eun-joo) and Lim Hyun-bin” (Yeo Hyun-soo), who approaches him doing the same actions his girlfriend did in the past.

The movie was released in 2001 with a delicate emotional plot in an unconventional setting that contains “reincarnation” and “homosexuality,” which set it apart from the typical melodrama depicting love between opposite sexes. It has been praised until now as a well-made production and was re-released in November 2017.

In the drama “Bungee Jumping on Their Own,” actor Lee Hyun-wook as Seo In-woo and NCT Jaehyun as Lim Hyun-bin were selected. The drama had been preparing for production with the goal of being able to premiere in the second half of 2022 but unfortunately was canceled.

Bungee Jumping Of Their Own gets canceled

Currently, fans are expressing their regret over the cancellation of ‘Bungee Jumping Of Their Own’ and hoping that Jaehyun will be cast in new projects in the near future. 


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