“Starry Night” BTS V “Kang Dong-won appeared in all of Joo Hyung-jin’s music videos… He looks really handsome”

Singer Park Hyo-shin and BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung) appeared as special DJs on MBC Standard FM’s “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”, which aired on Sep 28th. Actor Kang Dong-won appeared as a guest on this day.

Joo Hyung-jin’s “I’ll Hear” is a song he wrote at Kang Dong-won’s house. Joo Hyung-jin confessed, “I didn’t release music regularly. Kang Dong-won told me ‘Shouldn’t you be diligent about it?’ and gave me a mission to release a few songs this year.”

Kang Dong-won added, “Every time my movie comes out, he has to release a song.”

V mentioned, “Dong-won appeared in all of Hyung-jin’s music videos. I think that’s great. In particular, Dong-won looks really handsome.”

Regarding this, Joo Hyung-jin said, “He was also in the music video of ‘I’ll Hear’. He cut wood enthusiastically (in the MV).”

Source: daum

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