“Plagiarism article deleted?” Music Youtuber Gachi raised suspicion of the haters accused IU’s “The Red Shoes” of plagiarising

On May 13th, the Youtube channel “Gachi KPOP” uploaded a video titled “Why was the article about IU ignoring the original German singer’s plagiarism complaint deleted?”.


In the video, Gachi said, “German band NEKTA, the original singer in the plagiarism controversy surrounding IU’s song ‘The Red Shoes’, released a complaint but IU’s side did not respond to them”, adding “There is an article that caused this controversy. It’s from Company T. In the article, Company T stated that they contacted IU’s agency in 2013, but did not receive a response.”

Explaining the conflict between the claims of Company T and IU’s side, Gachi said, “However, this controversy already broke out in 2013, right after the release of ‘The Red Shoes’. At that time, IU’s agency explained the code progress in an official press release and clarified the plagiarism allegation. Despite that, the suspicion was raised again after 10 years. Isn’t this game over? Even IU’s producer at that time Cho Young Cheol admitted that he received an email from Nekta’s legal representative, and IU’s agency sent an email to confirm the basic facts but did not receive a response. The material IU’s side sent might still be at the law firm”


Gachi added, “Since the arguments are conflicting, it’s possible that someone had pretended to be Nekta’slegal representative and sent a fake email to IU’s side. Company T also claimed that they conducted a direct interview, so both sides could just disclose their evidence. IU’s agency already released an explanation publicly at the time. However, Company T’s article was then deleted. Whether they conducted an interview or not, both sides should disclose their evidence then the problem would be resolved.”


Lastly, Gachi commented, “To explain ‘The Red Shoes’ in more detail, it does sound similar to Neckta’s music. However, if you look into the codes more closely, they are completely opposite. The progressions of the code are different, so it is not plagiarism at all. If you look at the songs’ music sheets, their melodies don’t even match”, criticizing haters who raised plagiarism claims against IU.

Meanwhile, an anonymous citizen accused IU of plagiarism and listed out 6 of her songs, including “The Red Shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, and “Celebrity”. 


Later on the 12th, IU’s agency claimed that the plagiarism allegation was maliciously created to harm IU, saying “Since the allegation was raised, we had gathered evidence related to the plagiarism accusation as well as collected espionage rumors, sexual harassment & defamation, distribution of false information, invasion of privacy, and other related matters, and filed a complaint with the investigative agency. We were shocked to receive information about the article about the plagiarism accusation.”

The agency added, “We believe that investigative agency will make wise decisions regarding these clearly groundless accusations and hold accountable those who made indiscriminate accusations based on the result”.

Source: Wikitree

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