Fans find out that Jisoo hinted the choreography, Jennie spoiled new song melody and Rosé changed her hairstyle?

Yesterday, the BLACKPINK girls suddenly had a short livestream with fans.

In particular, in this short 11-minute livestream, the girls had a lot of … strange and half-joking actions that confused the fans. With the tradition of BLACKPINK, before the comeback, the girls always have “weird actions” like this that makes fans bewildered, so that when they are actually back, they can surprise fans because it will turn out that their actions earlier were spoilers and fans had no idea.

Therefore, this comeback, fans certainly can not miss any details from the livestream of 4 girls, and indeed have discovered the following extremely suspicious things.

Jisoo deliberately “spoiled” the dance of the comeback song, is it true or misleading?

While talking to Jennie about the comeback, Jisoo suddenly said, “I’ll describe this song for you to see!” and then got up and showed different moves that made Jennie laugh. Jisoo has shown that the atmosphere of the upcoming song will be very upbeat, but it is impossible to know exactly whether or not he eldest member’s dance moves are actually the comeback choreography. If true, Jisoo is truly a “spoiler queen”, before their comeback with “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, Jisoo also danced and sang to “ddu-du ddu-du” without any fan recognizing it!

Jennie and Rosé leaked the melody of the song?

While doing the livestream with fans, Jennie suddenly sang along some unclear melody. Although she was just humming along the music and not singing the lyrics, it was enough to make fans sure that Jennie was trying to “spoil” the melody of the upcoming comeback song.

At the end of the livestream, when Jisoo and Jennie were greeting the fans before ending, Rosé from behind the screen also reached out to make a heart sign and say goodbye to BLINKs. Notably, she added a few words “lalala” after saying “I love you”, causing fans to suspect that maybe she was trying to “spoil” the melody of the next title track?

Rosé refused to show her face because she had changed her hair color?

The special thing that made fans extremely doubtful about Rosé was the fact that the female idol did not show their face in the livestream. While Jisoo and Jennie sat on one side, Rosé sat on the opposite and just spoke out, but not appeared in front of the camera for BLINKs to see her face.

This led fans to believe that Rosé has a new hair color for the comeback, because normally she probably would not ignore the opportunity to meet and chat with fans, but suddenly she was “shy and not wanting to show face.” Rosé has also had blonde hair for more than a year. Although this hair color can be considered as the peak of her beauty to help the “Australian sweetheart” create a buzz every time she appears, but it is time to change, Rosé!

Fans are now extremely curious and eager after the interesting information were revealed by 4 girls through the 11-minute livestream. Let’s wait and see what BLACKPINK will bring to their comeback after more than 1 year of absence on the Kpop race

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