“YG’s youngest trainee” gains attention for the cover of BLACKPINK’s How You Like That

Despite her young age, this girl’s talent makes netizens crazy with two hits of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK!

Recently, Kpop fans, especially YG Family fans, have been extremely excited by the clip of a little girl covering two hit songs, G-Dragon’s Untitled, 2014 and BLACKPINK’s How You Like That.  In the clip, she appeared in the studio and sang “professionally“.  Many people enjoy calling her “the youngest trainee” of YG family.

yg kid trainee 2179380

Netizens are extremely surprised with her unique voice and extremely professional handling.  Right from the first song, Untitled, 2014, she has good taste in music, catching up with the slow to fast rhythm of the song.  The emphasis also shows that this girl has listened to these songs many times. 

The peak of attention is at the cover of How You Like That (BLACKPINK) of this “kid trainee”. The fast pace of the song did not make it difficult for her.  This little girl hit it perfectly!  At the “How you like that” part, she cutely presses the word “that”.

According to some information, her father is a producer of YG.  Therefore, she’s so professional!  But one thing to admit is that with her impressive voice and handling, although still very small, in the future, this “child trainee” can completely debut as a professional idol.

Source: Facebook, k14

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