[Photoshoot Interview] Jung Ho-yeon shocked the world with her revealing photoshoot

Actress Jung Ho-yeon once again fascinated the world with her unconventional fashion.

Jung Ho-yeon-Elle Korea

In a pictorial interview with Elle Korea, which was released on Mar 11th, Jung Ho-yeon said, “I think the experience I have accumulated as a model has been helpful for many of the good things that have happened to me recently. The same is true of me becoming a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton. This is why I think I should do my best every moment these days,” she expressed.

When asked about the meaning of the word ‘diligence’ as she is well known for her usual sincere and hardworking attitude, she said, “It is true that I try to work hard on anything. This is because I think that’s how I show my respect for the time and effort from the people I work with,” she replied, showing her responsibility.

Jung Ho-yeon-Elle Korea

As she has established herself as an icon representing the MZ generation, when asked if there is anything she wants to say to her peers or younger girls, she was shy and said, “I want to tell them to look around more. When you are young, don’t you tend to focus only on yourself?” She also gave some sincere advice, saying, “I hope you pay more attention to your family and friends and take some time to look around.”

Jung Ho-yeon recently won the “Best Actress Award” at the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) and once again solidified her global influence by appearing at the opening of the “Paris Louis Vuitton Show.” Jung Ho-yeon‘s pictorials, interviews, and videos can be found in the April issue of Elle, its website, and YouTube channel.


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