Not only the audience, but Kpop idols are also crazy about Penthouse 2

They are famous members of Penthouse 2’s fanclub!

After 10 episodes aired, Penthouse 2 made the audience go crazy.  The film has continuously hit Korean ratings and received many compliments from professionals.

However, the film is still criticized by some audiences for its many irrational and illogical details.

Regardless of the conflicting opinions and controversies, the film still has a rating of approximately 30%.  This is an extremely impressive number.  Not only the public loves this drama, but many Korean idols are also crazy about Penthouse 2.

For example, the famous male singer Kim Hee Chul.  He claimed to be a true fan of Penthouse 2.  No matter how busy he is, the male singer also takes the time to watch each episode, then writes his feelings and shares them with fans.

Hee Chul also expressed his frustration when being spoiled by “Shim Soo Ryeon” (Lee Ji Ah)

He reminded the writer of the film: “Do not pay attention to conflicting opinions on the Internet, write your own script. Penthouse 2 is my daily joy”.

Kim Hee Chul’s favorite actor in Penthouse 2 is Lee Ji Ah.  He thinks that he is very lucky to have known Lee Ji Ah for a long time, even going to eat together and participate in the show with this actress.

Another passionate fan of Penthouse 2 is Lisa from the famous girl group BlackPink.  The female singer also expressed her affection for the film on her personal page and confirmed that this is a good movie.

Lisa was very excited when talking about the Penthouse

Momo and Na Yeon (TWICE) also did not hide their feelings for Penthouse 2. They both confessed that, every day, they were anxiously watching the next episode of Penthouse 2.

The two female idols talked about Penthouse 2 on their livestream

In addition, Suga (BTS) is also a member of Penthouse 2’s fanclub. Recently, he had just undergone surgery, so he has had a long time to rest and recover.  Therefore, he has spent his free time watching this movie.  The male rapper also praised Penthouse 2’s acting skills.

Top idol kpop googleSuga (BTS)

Big Bang’s Taeyang also recently revealed that he is a loyal audience of Penthouse 2. Not only watching movies, he also spends time watching behind-the-scenes videos released by the crew.

Fan asked Taeyang if he was watching Penthouse, the male singer immediately replied “RIP RoNa”
He also expressed his feelings about the character Ha Yun Cheol

In addition, Da Won of SF9 also shared that he was confused because of plot twists occurring in Penthouse 2.

Doyoung, Haechan and Jaemin (NCT) are also hardcore fans of Penthouse 2. During a Vlive session of NCT Dream, Na Jaemin was asked if he was watching Penthouse. After listening to the question, the male idol happily discussed the showtimes with Haechan. Besides, Mark also revealed that Doyoung (NCT 127) is another hard fan of Penthouse in NCT.

Penthouse 2 now is being broadcast every Friday and Saturday evenings on SBS.

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