People still doubt the stylist was biased towards Jennie, response from BLACKPINK fans was different

There has been much debate around Jennie’s outfit on the latest stage of BLACKPINK.

Recently, BLACKPINK has released new music products and “stormed” in the worldwide market with a lot of new achievements and records. The most remarkable record is that the “Kill This Love” MV hit 100 million views on YouTube in just 2 days 14 hours and 13 minutes, breaking the 6-year record of “GENTLEMAN” (PSY).

In order to promote new songs, BLACKPINK had more excellent performances on the stage of the weekly music program “Inkigayo” on April 7. “Don’t Know What To Do” and “Kill This Love” were performed here along with the passionate cheering from the audience.

However, some netizens discovered that Jennie was favored by the stylists at the two new stages. Specifically, in the “Don’t Know What To Do” performance, all 4 members wore white outfits, but Jennie stood out a little bit more with black buttons and the “Chanel” word on the pockets.

Also in the “Kill This Love” performance, Jennie’s outfit was slightly different from in the MV. She was changed by the stylist to wear shorts instead of long trousers like before.

With the change that was somewhat biased for Jennie, BLACKPINK fans didn’t have a negative reaction. The reason is that these are very small details and not too prominent, the costumes of the 4 members are still equal. In addition, they want the fandom to stay united because their idols have excellent achievements that not all artists can achieve.

Last year, BLACKPINK’s stylist repeatedly made the fans angry because of giving Jennie the most outstanding outfits among 4 members. This problem persisted and caused the group’s fandom to become ragged, fiercely arguing to protect their idols from great aggression.

Jennie had been favored by the stylists and had more outstanding outfits

Sources: k14

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