Park So Dam’s surprising appearance after cancer diagnosis, discussed post-surgery condition

Fans cheered in joy to see Park So Dam again, 1 year after the actress was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Back in December 2021, fans of Park So Dam grew extremely worried after the actress revealed she has papillary thyroid cancer, and requires surgery. Ever since, Park So Dam has been on hiatus to focus on her treatment, and only recently made public appearances again.

On December 19th, she appeared at the press conference for her new movie “Phantom”, and surprised everyone with her glowing condition that showed no signs of exhaustion. According to the actress, after her cancer surgery, she couldn’t speak nor move normally. At the time, Park So Dam was worried to the point of breaking out in sweats, but has since recovered nicely. Now, she couldn’t hide her joy to see fellow colleagues and fans again.

Park So Dam
Park So Dam appeared with a beautiful, fresh look at the new movie press conference
Park So Dam
The actress first shared about the period of treatment.  At the time of filming, she was still struggling with thyroid cancer

Besides, actress Park also apologized to fans, “I sincerely apologize for making many people worry. I always tell fans to take care of their health, both physically and mentally.  But I couldn’t keep my promise.”  Park So Dam considers this comeback as a new beginning, hoping to have many good luck.  The actress’ fresh and healthy appearance also made many fans breathe a sigh of relief.

Park So Dam
Park So Dam’s comeback makes the fan happy
Park So Dam
Image of Park So Dam in the new movie Phantom.  Fans have sent their wishes to the actress and hope that her new movie will be a success beyond expectations

Source: k14

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