Spotify introduced “BLACKPINK Blend” to their Blend function 

Listeners now can see how much they match with their favorite artists, music taste-wise! 

Spotify, the world’s largest audio and sound streaming platform, has newly introduced the ‘Black Pink Blend’ function with BLACKPINK. Through this function, listeners can create playlists that reflect their own and BLACKPINK’s music tastes.


Blend, officially launched in September last year, is a customized service that combines Spotify’s unique personalization technology and shared playlist functions. Indicated in the word itself, the function automatically creates a group playlist that reflects the music tastes of 10 Spotify listeners.


Spotify can create a playlist of the user and their favorite artists through the blend function using this ‘BLACKPINK Blend’. In addition, you can check data stories such as “taste match” ratings, which show how similar your taste in music is with those of your favorite artists, or music that connects you with artists, and freely share them on social media.


Prior to the newly released “BLACKPINK Blend”, Spotify also introduced a blend playlist with various Korean artists such as BTS, Stray Kids, Dynamic Duo, ENHYPEN, and AB6IX.

Source: Dailian

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