Park Seo Joon strongly denied dating rumors with Park Min Young & Nam Bo Ra but remains silent about xooos? A confirmation?

Netizens believe Park Seo Joon’s silence over the dating rumor with Youtuber xooos means he acknowledges their romantic relationship.

On June 21st, Park Seo Joon faced reporters at the press conference for the movie “Concrete Utopia” (director Uhm Tae Hwa) held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Earlier on the 20th, rumors of Park Seo Joon dating Youtuber xooos broke out, making netizens pay attention to his appearance at the press conference.

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However, at the press event, Park Seo Joon refused to respond to the romance rumor, saying “I feel very pressured when it comes to opening up about my private life. I can’t give any specific comment since it’s my personal matter.”

He added, “I belatedly learned about the news yesterday. I found out about the articles a little late since I was busy with the filming. My first thought upon seeing the articles was, ‘I’m really receiving so much attention. Thank you so much’.”

His answer in front of reporters was similar to the position his agency Awesome Ent. released the previous day. Right after the rumor spread on the 20th, Awesome Ent stated, “It is difficult for us to confirm the actor’s romantic relationship because it’s his private life issue”. As both Park Seo Joon and his agency did not provide any clear answer regarding his relationship with xooos, netizens began to look back on the actor’s reactions to his past dating rumors.

Park Seo Joon’s dating rumor with actress Park Min Young was similar to the current one. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young worked together in tvN’s 2018 drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”, and rumors of the two having a romantic relationship spread with proof pointed out by netizens. At that time, Park Seo Joon’s agency strongly denied the rumor, saying it was “groundless”.

Park Min Young-Park Seo Joon

In an interview, Park Seo Joon directly mentioned Park Min Young’s name and said, “I knew that dating rumors would circulate, and I’ve already prepared myself to handle it. I think such rumors naturally arose because our drama (‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’) did well. Our chemistry was good, and I don’t think of the rumors in a negative way.”

He added, “Since I performed a romance with her in the project, I should think she is pretty and she has many good points in order to act well. Of course, we have good feelings for each other. But I don’t know if there is any possibility for us to develop a real romantic relationship”.

Prior to this, Park Seo Joon was also embroiled in a romance rumor with actress Nam Bo Ra in April 2012, during his debut days. It was rumored that Nam Bo Ra got to know Park Seo Joon through the introduction of Park Jin Joo, who appeared in the film “Sunny” with her, and they had been dating for a year.

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At that time, Park Seo Joon’s side also strongly denied the dating rumor, saying “The rumor not true at all”, adding “They met several times with other friends because Park Jin Joo and Park Seo Joon are classmates, but it is absurd to say that there is a romantic relationship”.

Park Seo Joon has denied all his previous dating rumors but his response to the one with xooos is completely different. As both Park Seo Joon and his agency avoided providing a clear answer, many people believe that he is really dating xooos.

xooos is a YouTuber with 1.54 million subscribers and she is also active as a singer. Some netizens claimed to have witnessed Park Seo Joon and xooos enjoying dates in London and found other evidence to support the dating rumors.

Source: Nate

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