4 best male rappers of K-Pop idol groups

J-Hope, Mino, Bobby and Mark are voted as the best rappers among male K-Pop idols by more than 200,000 fans all over the world through Mwave website.

1. J-Hope (BTS): The 1st place belongs to this rapper from BTS with a enormous percent, 68,1%/ Different from Suga and RM – two members of BTS who were underground rappers before becoming idols, J-Hope only started rapping after he became a Big Hit’s trainee. Before that, he was a professional dancer who had won numerous prizes thanks to his skillful dancing.

Right after their debut track “No More Dream” was released, the audience are in awed because J-Hope’s rap skill is no joke compared to Suga and RM. In later songs of BTS, J-Hope started to become more unique with various style. Along with each new album, his unique and alluring rap voice was also showed more.

His first solo album called “Hope World”, which was released in March 2018, is evaluated as a catchy album with impressive rapping skill. Especially, the title track “Daydream” took every music chart by storm.

2. Mino (Winner): The 2nd place belong to Mino with 12% of the votes. Having been through many hardships, Mino finally had the chance to shine and prove himself after he became a piece of Winner. From their very first song to later hits, Mino’s unique rap voice plays an important role in the group’s success.

This member of Winner owns one of the most distinctive rap styles among Kpop rappers. Moreover, the stage expression which is full of confidence and fascination also helps Mino impress the public. Possessing a deep masculine rap voice, strong hip-hop vibe, charismatic personality combined with meaningful rap lyrics, Mino gradually conquered the hearts of many music-loving audiences.

With constant efforts, Song Mino’s talent made YG president decide to release his first solo album “XX”. In particular, the title song “Fiancé” officially released in 11/2018 brought many impressive achievements in the career of the male idol.

3. Bobby (IKON): Another rapper from YG took the 3rd place with 10.6% of votes – Bobby. In addition to Mino, this iKON member also shined at Show Me The Money. At first, he received a lot of controversial opinions because the public did not appreciate idols attending the hip-hop programs. However, Bobby surpassed the judgment and won convincingly.

After the contest, other than becoming a member of an idol group, Bobby was also recognized by the public as a famous champion from a rap contest, a rapper with the talent at the top of Kpop. Bobby’s strengths are his uniqueness right from his voice to his enthusiasm on stage.

So far, after debuting and working in iKON with 6 other members, he still devoted himself in many solo projects to prove his talents. With the real ability and progressive attitude, as well as relentless efforts, he gradually asserted his place in the audience’s heart.

4. Mark (NCT): The last place in the top 4 belongs to the most prominent member of the NCT group – Mark with 9.1%. Many fans said that SM was lucky to recruit two extremely talented rappers for NCT, Taeyong and Mark. The two young members have confidently stepped into the Kpop rap competition after SM’s years of absence of a comprehensive good rapper.

Many opinions suggest that male idol born in 1999 is SM’s “treasure” with outstanding talents all in rap, dancing and singing. Mark is the only member present in all of NCT’s lineup, who also has the longest segment in the group’s songs.

While many trainees in the Korean showbiz are tired of waiting for the opportunity to debut, Mark as a rookie has already been favored by the company to debut with 3 different project groups in just 4 months – which is unprecedented. With the eye-catching visual, the powerful choreography, the best rapping ability ever among SM rappers, Mark deserves the title of SM’s jewel.

Source: Zing

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