Another controversy over idol’s private life broke out, from EXO Chanyeol to NCT Lucas

Following EXO Chanyeol, NCT Lucas has just been embroiled in a controversy over Lucas’s ex-girlfriend exposing his private life.

Recently, an Internet user – A – who claimed to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend posted her conversations with Lucas, saying, “ Lucas did gaslight me, and I couldn’t even talk to my family about our relationship”. A also said, “Even after our breakup, he said he missed me, and we met at hotels or at my apartment.”

This person not only accused Lucas of gaslighting, but she also claimed that while they were dating, she paid for everything herself, including hotel fees for Lucas.

A explained, “I paid the hotel expenses and even bought cigarettes for him”. She added, “He said that he is a celebrity, so he couldn’t go outside. He couldn’t use his card either because his manager might found out. Every time we went to the hotel, he called room service for food. We ate, slept for a while, and left. When I checked out the room, I couldn’t contact him. It seemed like he felt uncomfortable. He thought that I definitely had to pay for everything myself, and he didn’t even thank me for just once.”

She continued to share the story, “We still kept in touch when I went to China recently. However, about 1 month ago, I said that I was ashamed of meeting him and I would sue him. A day after, he deleted his Kakaotalk and changed his number. I regretted dating him. I should have been just a fan.”

A also posted her WeChat conversations with Lucas, Lucas’s voice records and photos he sent her, and evidence of their hotel reservations.

Until now, Lucas has not made any response to this issue.

This is not the first time that a member of SM Entertainment’s idol groups got involved in a controversy over his ex-girlfriend. In October last year, a girl on the Internet also claimed that she was EXO Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend. She revealed that while dating her, Chanyeol also got along with many other women. 4 months after the controversy broke out, Chanyeol posted his apology to fans and announced his military enlistment.

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