Park Na Rae apologizes and confirmed to leave the series ‘Hey Narae’ after the scandal

Recently, comedian Park Na Rae was criticized for her cruel joke on her new YouTube show “Hey Narae”. 

Specifically, at the beginning of the show, the comedian started off her introduction with a sexual remark, “Do I need to spread my legs to sit?” During the first episode, Hey Jini and Park Na Rae met to negotiate on what should be allowed on the show and what should not be. During the negotiation, Hey Jini was having difficulty dealing with Park Na Rae, as the comedian continued to make blunt remarks. Hey Jini then said, “My fans told me to shake a carrot if I’m in a difficult situation,” and made the gesture of shaking a carrot. When Park Na Rae saw her actions, she made a different gesture of moving her hand up and down, mimicking masturbation that was blurred.

Although Hey Jini then asked Park Na Rae to stop using her hands and forbid her to use her hands to perform any gestures, Park Na Rae protested and asked if she could use her feet instead.  However, after that, Park Na Rae continued to show inappropriate gestures with her feet.

Furthermore, on the show, Park Na Rae and Hey Jini played with a stretch toy, in which Park Na Rae took the toy’s arm and placed it between its legs to make it look like a sensitive part of men. 

Immediately, this comedian received heavy criticism from the audience. Netizens have been leaving their thoughts on numerous different platforms after this episode of the show went live. Many of them expressed their disgust and shock over the comedian’s actions.

After receiving harsh criticism from the audience, on March 25, Park Na Rae’s label also issued a statement of apology. Park Na Rae’s side has responded with the following statement: 

“This is Park Na Rae’s agency JDB Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for the fact that our statement was delayed. We sincerely regret the delay caused by the fact that we spent significant time discussing the issue with the production staff of ‘Hey Narae’.

After receiving detailed information regarding the ‘Hey Narae’ series, including descriptions of the props she would be working with, the character she was to portray, etc from the production staff, Park Na Rae should have considered carefully how far she ought to go with her jokes as well as her actions and behaviors; she is now deeply reflecting on the fact that she was not more careful. We are fully aware of the discomfort that the video has caused viewers, and we would like to bow our heads in apology. 

We have wrapped up a discussion with the staff of ‘Hey Narae’ with the conclusion that Park Na Rae will be leaving the program. Based on the lessons learned from this incident, we will do our best to carefully consider comments and behavior in the future.

Once again, we offer our heavy words of regret to all who were afflicted by this incident.”

In addition, YouTuber Hey Jini also sent a personal apology via SNS, promising that she would be more considerate of the shows she chooses to appear on in the future.

Source: AllKpop, YouTube, Instagram

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