Korean actresses who get their fame used to draw attention for dramas: Song Hye Kyo was rumored to star in a blockbuster while finalizing her divorce

To attract attention for their projects, the production crews of some dramas recklessly took advantage of these Korean actresses, even when they were not part of the dramas.

The matter of using the artists’ fame to promote a production is not rare in the Korean entertainment industry, but netizens still find the two cases below unacceptable.

1. Son Ye Jin

After the success of the drama Crash Landing On You co-starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin was rumored to take on the female lead role in MBC’s historical drama “River Where the Moon Rises”. For a long time, MBC did not deny this information, making the viewers assume that Son Ye Jin would make a drama comeback soon. However, the actress who was officially announced to take on the female lead role of princess Pyeonggang was the young actress Kim So Hyun.

Son Ye Jin

The problem is that Kim So Hyun and Son Ye Jin have a pretty huge age gap. If the crew meant to cast a young actress for the female lead in the first place, it would not make sense if Son Ye Jin was once considered for the role. That’s why viewers strongly believed that Son Ye Jin did not even receive an offer to star in the drama from the start, but was just being taken advantage of. Not to mention how Kim So Hyun was unexpectedly confirmed to be the drama’s female lead, making the audience doubt that everything was arranged from the beginning.

River Where the Moon Rises
The main characters of the drama are all young adults 
Son Ye Jin
How come Son Ye Jin was rumored to be the female lead? 

2. Song Hye Kyo

If Son Ye Jin was only involved in a rumor, Song Hye Kyo was even announced by SBS that she would take on the female lead role in the TV series Hyena. It was reported that Song Hye Kyo would take on the role of a sharp-witted lawyer who works only with the Korean elite that accounts for 1% of the population. She always finds ways to win the cases at any cost, even if it takes her to do something immoral. If Song Hye Kyo accepted the offer, this would have been an impressive transformation of the actress who often takes on gentle characters in the romance genre.

song hye kyo

However, not long after, SBS suddenly announced that Kim Hye Soo was the official female lead, and of course, Song Hye Kyo had no role in this drama.  At that time, Song Hye Kyo was receiving great attention from the public due to her divorce with Song Joong Ki being published. The fact that SBS constantly brought up Song Hye Kyo’s name made the audience extremely uncomfortable.

Kim Hye Soo
Kim Hye Soo was the actress to take on the role
song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo was busy arranging the divorce at that time

Source: K14

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