P-Nation reveals first reality show of its first boy group TNX, PSY: “They are born to be on stage”

The reality show of P-Nation’s first boy group, TNX, has recently been unveiled.

The first reality show “The New Six” of TNX was broadcast for the first time on Naver NOW.

On this day’s broadcast, six members were seen receiving pre-debut checks from composer Yoo Gun-hyung and the head of P-Nation, Psy. Psy said, “These friends have endured long and long moments to match into the same color. I hope they will become a “born to be on stage” group that is really good at live performances,” he said, expressing extraordinary expectations.


First of all, Oh Sung-joon perfectly performed Justin Bieber‘s “Peaches” through his unique vocals which is full of the charm of pop. Psy sent infinite praise to Oh Sung-joon, who proved his remarkable growth through the test, saying, “Your vocal shines when you meet a prominent vocal range.”

Next, Woo Kyung-joon stepped into the evaluation with Post Malone‘s “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” With solid vocals, he drew attention at once by showing an explosive rap along with an impressive performance of pulling out a microphone.

Jang Hyun-soo then proceesed to show fantastic stage control and solid rap skills through Park Jae-beom and Dok2’s “Song You Hate.Psy delivered a warm compliment, saying, “I hope this stage manners with the rawest emotions will spread to the whole team.”


Choi Tae-hoon went through the evaluation with greater excitement than nervousness. With his unique voice, he completed a fairytale-like stage through Baekhyun‘s “Bambi,” and Psy showed infinite trust in him with mature advice.

Chun Joon-hyuk, who Psy introduced as the heart of the team, sang Harry Styles‘ “Falling” next. Through an actor-like sense of immersion, he stimulated the listeners’ ambiguous emotions by controlling his breathing and emotional lines without disruption.

Eun-hwi, who Psy evaluated as a genius, poured out his passion by freely crossing rap and vocals through his own song “Comfort.” Psy added in-depth praise, saying, “Eun-hwi’s attitude toward music is definitely first place.”


The members, who heard about their debut date, expressed their bewildered feelings, saying, “I was thrilled as the time we spent together passed like a flash.” Psy said, “I won’t give up on you guys. Let’s take our first step with determination,” he added.

Starting with the pre-debut evaluation shown on the day, the “The New Six” reality, which contains the various charms of six trainees ahead of their debut, is expected to show how they get closer to each other during the preparation.

Meanwhile, TNX is set to debut on May 17th as a six-member group consisting of Choi Tae-hoon, Woo Kyung-joon, Jang Hyun-soo, Chun Joon-hyuk, Eun-hwi and Oh Sung-joon, who were selected as the final debut group for the boy group project “LOUD” aired on SBS last year. TNX‘s first reality show, “The New Six,” is pre-released every Thursday at 6 p.m. on Naver NOW.

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