Once called the “ugliest female idol”, VIVIZ Umj now is increasingly attractive!

The new images of the female idol amazed netizens

VIVIZ is the first K-pop girl group to participate in Global Spin – a concert series to promote diverse artists and music produced by Grammy.  Performances are posted on the YouTube channel and the official social media accounts of the Recording Industry Association of America – the management unit of the Grammy Awards.

The three former GFriend members wore innovative Hanbok costumes and performed the title song “Bop Bop” of the debut album.  Their performance was filmed at the Dongdaemun Design Center (DDP) in Seoul.

Besides the performance, the visuals of the 3 VIVIZ girls also received a lot of attention, especially the youngest Umji.  When she first debuted with GFriend, Umji often received many comments that she was not as beautiful as the other members.  However, later on, the female idol became more and more attractive.  Umji’s newly released photo set immediately captivated netizens’ hearts.

Umji once caused controversy about her visual when she first debuted with GFriend

Netizens’ comments:

  • She’s getting much prettier after losing weight!
  • How beautiful she is!
  • She got my thumb up!
  • Daebakk! Losing weight gave her a completely new look!

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