Hwasa’s past remarks re-examined amid dating rumors, “I didn’t kiss anyone within the past year”

Netizens brought up past remarks of Hwasa, who is embroiled in rumors of dating a 12-year-older businessman.

“Refund Sisters” members Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, Jessi, and Hwasa guested on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” in September 2020.

lee hyori

On the broadcast, Lee Hyo Ri said, “Women often talk about men when they get together, right?”. Jessi looked at Hwasa and asked, “I’m curious about this. What kind of man do you like”?. In response, Hwasa revealed her ideal type, saying “I like men who are simple”.

When the sisters asked, “Someone like Jong Min?”, Hwasa shook her head, saying “No”, adding “Someone who is innocent and easygoing”.


Hearing that, Jessi and Lee Hyo Ri doubted, “You already have a lover, right?”, but Hwasa denied it. Uhm Jung Hwa confessed, “I dated many people when I was your age. I dated a new person every two years”. Lee Hyo Ri agreed, “Me, too. My cycle was about two years”.

During their conversation, Hwasa suddenly revealed, “I recently met a good person. I found someone hot these days”, drawing attention. She showed Jessi the SNS account of Italian actor Michele Morrone, and Jessi laughed, saying, “Not him, right?”. Hwasa smiled and replied, “I’ll send him a DM now. I’m in an imaginary relationship with this person these days.”


When asked, “Did you kiss anyone within the past year?”, during the truth game, Hwasa answered, “No, I didn’t”. However, the lie detector revealed that it was a lie, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Sports Seoul reported on June 30th that Hwasa has been dating a businessman 12 years older than her for five years. According to the report, Hwasa’s lover A was born in 1983 and currently owns a private business. 

In this regard, an official from Hwasa’s agency said to Xports News on the same day, “We are checking the fact”.

Source: Nate

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