Jeon So Min still looks the way she did when she was a child

Actress Jeon So Min is showing off her extraordinary variety show ability through “Running Man”.

Jeon So Min will turn 38 next year, but she is still making male fans’ hearts flutter with her doll-like beauty.

jeon so min

We can tell if a woman is a natural beauty by looking at her childhood. Fans re-examined Jeon So Min’s childhood, which was revealed through past broadcasts, and agreed that Jeon So Min is a natural beauty.

In the past, Jeon So Min appeared on KBS2’s “Happy Together 3” and revealed her past photos from childhood to middle school.

jeon so min past photo

In the photos, Jeon So Min boasted her doll-like appearance, especially her chubby cheeks and fair skin.

All the cast members expressed their surprise.

jeon so min past photo

Hearing the cast’s praise, Jeon So Min confessed embarrassedly, “My mother said that when I was a baby, people squeezed me so much that I couldn’t go outside. I think that’s why it’s like this now.

Jeon So Min also showed off her goddess beauty during middle school days. In her middle school graduation photo, she boasted her bright eyes and clear features.

jeon so min past photo

Source: Insight

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