ITZY Yuna explained why her viral “U-Go-Girl” stage is meaningful and memorable

Yuna, a member of ITZY, selected her “U-Go-Girl” performance at the 2022 KBS Gayo Daejeon (KBS Song Festival) as her best memory of the year. 

ITZY Yuna recently conducted a live broadcast on ITZY‘s official SNS. According to the female idol, her best memory of 2022 was her “U-Go-Girl” performance at the 2022 KBS Gayo Daejeon. 

In particular, the female idol said, “It is the most memorable because I was able to deliver a good stage before I reached my 20s with such a good opportunity.”

She then explained, “There are things I feel good about, but mostly, my mom and dad really liked it. At the time, there was an article about the stage on Naver’s main page, which my dad saw. He said he was proud because of me, and that he got a lot of calls from people. I felt so good at the time.” 

itzy yuna gayo daechukjae

Finally, Yuna added, “Leaving a comment takes courage, but there were so many people who said good things. Even people who aren’t MIDZY (the name of ITZY’s official fan club) left a lot of comments, so I was grateful.”

Previously on December 16th, Yuna perfectly performed a cover of Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” at the 2022 KBS Gayo Daejeon, which took on the theme of Y2K and was held at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. 

itzy yuna

Dressed in high heels, crop top, and low-rise pants, Yuna drew a lot of attention from netizens, who admired her outstanding figure. The stage also went viral across various SNS and online communities. 

During the live broadcast, Yuna also mentioned the jeans that helped her stand out on stage,  saying that jeans are the hardest clothing item to buy, and that she tried on a lot of jeans prior to the performance. 


On the other hand, Yuna’s group ITZY has been actively promoting since the release of their new mini-album “CHESHIRE” on November 30th.

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