“How there could be such a person…” Famous fashion magazine editor praises a visual member of a top Korean girl group

Another beautiful story about (G)I-DLE member Miyeon’s personality was recently reported. 

A famous fashion magazine editor recently shared a photoshoot of Miyeon on Instagram and revealed their impression of the (G)I-DLE member.

(G)I-DLE miyeon

The editor said, “As a fan, as a person who met her at work, and as a human being, I wondered how there could be a person with so much love”, adding “In my whole life I’ve never seen such a person full of white love. Miyeon is the best”.

Seeing this, Miyeon’s fans reacted, “I’m a fan of Miyeon and I think I understand what ‘white love’ means”, “There are so many beautiful stories about Miyeon”, “Miyeon is such a bright and lovely person”, “Even an editor commented like that…”, “As a fan of Miyeon, I feel so proud”, etc.

(G)I-DLE miyeon

Netizens also commented, “She’s one of the nicest celebrities I know”, “I heard Miyeon gave gifts to her staff again this time”, “I only see her through TV broadcasts but she seems to be a person full of love”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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