The snack truck Kim Hye Soo sent to her senior actress drew keen interest from netizens 

Kim Hye Soo sent a snack truck to the filming set of Disney+’s drama “Dominant Species” to cheer for her junior actress Han Hyo Joo.

On December 28th, Han Hyo Joo posted a proof shot of a snack truck with the caption, “The pizza truck that sunbaenim sent me some time ago. Sunbaenim is love. I love you. I’m really happy”.

han hyo joo instagram

The snack truck in the released pictures was a pizza truck that has a charcoal brazier. Snack trucks with teas, coffee, and simple snacks are often seen, but this kind of oven pizza snack is unfamiliar. Kim Hye Soo’s sense impressed netizens.

han hyo joo instagram

The banner on the snack truck has Kim Hye Soo’s supportive words. The actress said, “I’m rooting for actress Han Hyo Joo and the drama ‘Dominant Species’ team! All the staff and actors, stay safe and healthy until the end! Hwaiting!”.

kim hye soo instagram

Han Hyo Joo is currently filming Disney+’s series “Dominant Species”. In addition to “Dominant Species”, her other work “Moving” has also been set to premiere on Disney+ soon.

Kim Hye Soo played the female lead in tvN’s recently ended drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

Source: wikitree

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