Beside Ma Dong Suk, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri, these actors also entered the list of “The Actor with the Worst Manners of 2022”

The ranking gains much backlash from the public.  

Recently, Sports Kyunghyang conducted a survey on 34 top film reporters to come up with three categories of 2022, including: “The Worst Film of 2022”, “The Worst Actor of 2022” and “The Actor with the Worst Manners of 2022.” Among the three categories, “The Actor with the Worst Manners” is receiving much backlash. 

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Ma Dong Suk, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri are the 3 shocking names on the list. (Image: Naver)

In the past, Ma Dong Suk participated in the movie “The Roundup” as a producer and actor but refused to  answer interviews from the media due to the busy schedule. To make up for this absence, Ma Dong Suk’s agency sent the press a “fairly simple” set of questions and answers. Moreover, at the launch of the “Men Of Plastic” project in November, Ma Dong Suk was not seen at the conference despite the cast putting in effort to promote and answer interviews. In response, the press was not pleased with his “unprofessional” attitude and criticized the actor on that basis. 

ma dong seok
Ma Dong Suk ranked at the top of “The Actor with the Worst Manners of 2022”. (Image: Naver)
ma dong seok The-Roundup
Ma Dong Suk’s image in the movie “The Roundup”. (Image: Film documentary)
Nam Joo-hyuk
Nam Joo Hyuk was on the list due to an absence in the promotion of the movie “Remember” and a suspicion of an “alcoholic” past in his adolescent years. (Image: Naver)

Kim Tae Ri was next on the list with 11 votes and the only actress to appear in this ranking. While Kim Tae Ri has always been warmly welcomed in the entertainment industry, reporters commented that she had a rather “rude” attitude in interviews. In response, many fans came to her defense and said the actress was inherently frank, honest and sarcastic, which could be easily misunderstood. 

Twenty five twenty one
Last year, Kim Tae Ri made her mark through two films, “Twenty Five Twenty One” and “Alienoid”. (Image: Film documentary)
kim tae ri
Therefore, the fact that Kim Tae Ri was ranked 2nd in the list dissatisfied the majority. (Image: Naver)

In reality, the actor who should be at the top of the list is “Squid Game” Oh Young Soo for harassing a woman in December 2021. However, the case was quickly dismissed for unknown reasons and was opened again, this time with the police’s involvement. According to the victim’s statement, she was “inappropriately touched” by Oh Young Soo in 2017 but the actor immediately denied all allegations during the prosecution’s investigation. 

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Oh Young Soo gained global fame thanks to “Squid Game”. (Image: Naver)
Oh Young Soo
Nevertheless, he lost everything after the harassment came to light. (Image: Naver)

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea quickly removed the ads with Oh Young Soo in it. Moreover, the Korean government’s Youtube channel, as well as the official website of the Government Policy Coordination Office also removed the photos and posts featuring the actor. The play “Love Letters” scheduled to premiere on January 14 also removed him from the actor lineup.

oh young soo
The fact that Oh Young Soo was not in the list bewildered the public. (Image: Naver)

Park Shin Hye was also mentioned in regards to an incident at her fanmeeting in Taiwan.  A fan recalled her extreme disappointment at the attitude of the actress, saying: “After signing [for the fan], she smiled, but quickly became emotionless again”. This person also revealed that they had a group of more than 10 people going to the airport to pick up Park Shin Hye but the actress did not bat an eyelid to them nor wave. 

Park Shin-hye
Park Shin Hye was confronted by reporters when she threw away fans’ gifts. (Image: Naver)
park shin hye
Park Shin Hye’s image was once a bad impression with international fans. (Image: Naver)
Park Shin Hye
Kim Jung Hyun’s cold and distant attitude with Seohyun because the actor’s partner wanted him to during the filming for “Time” has become a “bad example” in the Korean film industry. (Image: Naver)

Source: K14

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