Taeyeon amazes netizens with her visual and perfect body when cosplaying a car-racing girl 

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon made headlines with her youthful beauty.

The behind-the-scenes video for “FOREVER 1” jacket shoot uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Girls’ Generation in August last year is drawing attention again on various online communities.


The video shows Taeyeon doing several poses next to a yellow car with her long hair fluttering in the wind. She caught the eyes of netizens with her appearance in a sky-blue dress with a deep V chest part.

While taking photos of Taeyeon, the photographer expressed admiration for her by shouting “Very good”, “So pretty”, etc.

Taeyeon overwhelmed the camera with her flawless face, mannequin-like perfect body, and white skin.

After the shoot, Taeyeon also showed off her humorous aspect with the comment, “It’s not my car. I rented it”. She added, “I rented this car for today”, drawing laughter.

Seeing Taeyeon’s beauty in the video, Internet users gave explosive reactions, such as “Even if she claimed to be a racing girl, I would believe it”, “Taeyeon can pull off any concept well”, etc.

Source: Insight

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