Lisa’s swift handling of the gift equipped with a hidden camera was impressive

Many fans showed their frustration upon seeing the video shared by the audience, which exposed the invasion of privacy endured by artists.

On the evening of May 27th, a video clip capturing Lisa’s reaction to a gift with an attached camera went viral on Chinese social media. In the video, a fan threw a teddy bear onto the stage during the Born Pink world tour concert. With quick observation, Lisa noticed the toy had a hidden camera. Realizing the potential risks it posed to the group, the 1997-born beauty promptly returned the teddy bear to the audience.

Lisa quickly returned the gift to the audience upon realizing it had a hidden camera attached.

Lisa’s swift handling received praise from fans for helping the group avoid the invasion of their privacy. This incident brought attention back to the issue of excessive intrusion into the private lives of Korean artists. Many fans expressed their desire for management companies to pay even more attention to protecting the privacy rights of their “family members.”

It is known that the aforementioned video quickly garnered a significant amount of interactions after being posted on the Weibo social network. In a short period, the keyword “Gift thrown on stage with an hidden camera” even skyrocketed to the number one spot on Weibo’s hot search (entertainment category).

The news of the fan throwing a teddy bear with a hidden camera on stage quickly rose to the number one spot on Weibo’s hot search on the evening of May 27th.

It’s worth remembering that back in October 2021, YG announced that BLACKPINK would no longer accept tangible gifts from fans. Many viewers believe that this was YG’s way of protecting their “family members” from the situation where some fans send harmful items or even hidden cameras as gifts.

Source: k14

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