aespa’s Karina Goes on a Selfie Spree After Opening Instagram… Surpasses 3.3 Million Followers

Global fans’ interest in aespa member Karina on social media is heating up.

As of 5 p.m. on the 28th, Karina’s Instagram followers exceeded 3.3 million. This record was achieved within just six days of its opening.


Karina, along with other aespa members, opened their personal Instagram accounts on the 22nd, three years after their debut, and started their activities by posting the same group photo.

Among them, Karina is filling up the maximum number of photos that can be uploaded at once, which is 10. She is sharing various photos, including self-portraits showcasing her exceptional beauty and everyday life snapshots, to communicate with her fans.

Netizens who saw this left various comments such as, “How did she endure not having SNS all this time?”, “Karina is the world”, “Karina does everything she wants”, “Should I date Karina?”, “Yoo Jimin is a true princess, what is this?”

aespa, to which Karina belongs, released their third mini-album, ‘MY WORLD,’ on the 8th and is actively promoting with the title track ‘Spicy.’

Source: wikitree

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