“Business Proposal” director expresses his gratitude and affection towards Jungkook (BTS) for doing this thing

Everyone is crazy about “Business Proposal” and Jungkook (BTS) is no exception.

Jungkook is one of the most popular members of the global group BTS. This “golden maknae” is a role model for many people. Netizens around the world are paying special attention to every move of the male idol. That’s why when Jungkook mentioned “Business Proposal” recently, he was thanked by the director profusely.

Jungkook revealed that he watched “Business Proposal” through his Instagram story. Being loved by a globally influential idol, director Park Seon Ho can’t help but be excited and happy. The male director immediately uploaded a post to express his affection towards the youngest member of BTS, “After seeing Jungkook’s share, I wanted to show it off right away, so I took a screenshot and posted it. Jungkook, I love you so much. It’s my pleasure.”

Besides, the director also revealed more about Jungkook‘s special appearance in “Business Proposal, “In one episode of the drama, there will be a line saying ‘A handsome man like Jungkook’. Don’t be too surprised when you watch the drama.” According to the director, the writer is a big fan of BTS. Thanks to Jungkook, the writer always enjoys life.

A Business Proposal
“Business Proposal” is gaining huge popularity all over Asia
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