“Thirty Nine” actress Ahn So Hee: A famous idol with an impressive movie debut

Let's take a look at the interesting details about this talented girl!

Besides the 3 main characters in Thirty Nine, fans are also attracted to Ahn So Hee with her role of Kim So Won, a pianist and the younger sister of Kim Sun Woo (Yeon Woo Jin), a 39-year-old dermatologist who works at the same hospital as Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye-jin). 

Ahn So Hee

Kim So Won is romantically involved with Kim Sun Woo, who is ten years older than her. Just like her brother, she is very sweet and caring. However, one day, Kim So Won suddenly left her family, and for unknown reasons, she quit playing the piano. Her sudden action made Kim Sun Woo worried and frustrated. 

Ahn So Hee was excellent when transforming into a pure but heartbroken Sun Woo. Sun Woo is a much more complex character than viewers initially thought. Like her character, there are still many things people don’t know about the idol actress, let’s take a look at the interesting details about this talented girl!

1. Ahn So Hee was born on June 27th, 1992

Ahn So Hee is a 29-year-old Cancer! According to some sources, people born under this sign are known to be super emotional and understanding of others as well as themselves. In an interview with Marie Claire Korea, So Hee shared her unique way of dealing with her emotions:

Ahn So Hee

“I don’t run away from it. I must say I feel lonely. When I am happy, I try to enjoy and when I am sad, I continue to be sad. I don’t think trying to change my mood will help. Once you feel and acknowledge the emotion, it’s easier to let go of it.” 

2. Ahn So Hee is the youngest member of Wonder Girls

Ahn So Hee first entered the Korean entertainment industry as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls. Although she debuted 15 years ago, she still has an admirable baby face. So Hee made her debut in 2007 and the group’s hit song Tell Me helped the then 14-year-old So Hee rise to global stardom. The action “Omona!” even went viral because of her natural “aegyo” and cute expressions, eventually earning So Hee the title of National Little Sister.

Ahn So Hee

Despite leaving the group in 2013, So Hee‘s friendship with the members is still stronger than ever. So Hee‘s Instagram is full of photos taken with Sunmi and Sunye. She also attended Hyerim‘s wedding in 2020 along with the other members.

Ahn So Hee

3. Ahn So Hee got her acting breakthrough in Train To Busan

Ahn So Hee debuted as an actress in 2004 with the short film The Synesthesia For Overtone Construction but she only started getting attention with her lead role in the hit zombie movie Train To Busan.

Ahn So Hee had the opportunities to collaborate with seniors from the industry such as Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok and Choi Woo Shik. Since then, So Hee has continued to receive offers in a number of dramas such as Entourage and Welcome To Waikiki 2. So Hee talked about her initial hesitation to pursue acting in an interview with W Korea

Ahn So Hee

“Acting is about showing what can happen to the people we see around us. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent almost half my life preparing for the stage and being on stage since I was little that I’m lacking in expressing my daily life.

I want to be an actress who can express oneself naturally no matter what form I act in. Even if I take on a unique character that isn’t popular, there’s a way to naturally express the character.”

4. Ahn So Hee has a Youtube channel

Ahn So Hee is running a Youtube channel with various interesting content, from beauty, makeup, to fashion, dieting, and exercising vlogs. The actress opened her channel in 2020 in order to share her real person with the public. 

Ahn So Hee

She said, “I haven’t thought of opening a Youtube channel for a long time. I realized that I have been known as an actress and a member of Wonder Girls more than as Ahn So Hee myself. I think the viewers will accept my acting with any kind of characters more easily if they know more about my true personality in real life”.

Ahn So Hee still remembers her days being an idol. She uploaded dance covers of SHINee Taemin’s “Move” and BTS’s “Dynamite”. In a dance video of “Switch To Me”, she reunited with Park Jin-young, CEO of her old agency – JYP Entertainment.

5. Ahn So Hee also has an Instagram account

Ahn So Hee’s Instagram account is @sooheean, where she often shares photos and videos of her daily life moments, dates with friends, and her beautiful outfits. So Hee’s pet dog Kai also appears in many of her posts.

Ahn So Hee

6. Fans call Ahn So Hee by the nickname “Mandu”

Ahn So Hee has been nicknamed “Mandu” ever since her debut because of her chubby face. The actress also mentioned this name in an interview, saying, “It might be either a good thing or bad thing but I don’t try to change myself to have a mature appearance. You will eventually  when you grow old anyways.”

Ahn So Hee

7. Super Junior Heechul is a big fan of So Hee

On a broadcast of “Knowing Brothers” in which Ahn So Hee appeared as a guest, Heechul revealed that he is a big fan of So Hee, and the pretty actress is also his ideal type.

Ahn So Hee

After the broadcast, Heechul posted a photo taken with So Hee on his Instagram with the caption “King wang jjang mandu Ahn So Hee”, which is the name he used to write comments on Wonder Girls’ fancafe.

Ahn So Hee

Ahn So Hee is a talented actress. Hopefully, she will shine more in the latter half of “Thirty Nine” and receive more casting offers for lead roles after the drama ends

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