“Lovestagram through private accounts?” Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun embroiled in dating rumors

Soccer player Son Heung Min (30, Tottenham) was embroiled in dating rumors with actress Kim Go Eun.

Recently, dating rumors between Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun spread around Twitter.

The reason is that Kim Go Eun’s official Instagram account was following Son Heung Min’s private account. In addition, Son Heung Min’s official Instagram account pressed “Like” on Kim Go Eun’s pictorial photo.

Son Heung-min Kim Go Eun

Afterwards, the two’s dating rumors seem to be becoming a fait accompli as tweets claiming that Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun were doing lovestagram through private accounts spread through various online communities.

son heung min

However, this is only netizens’ claim, and the facts have not been confirmed. On Dec 20th, Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment told Wikitree, “Kim Go Eun and Son Heung Min’s dating rumors are groundless.” The agency added, “They have never met each other. Kim Go Eun supports Son Heung Min, a member of the national team, as a citizen.”

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Netizens left comments such as “Are you making things up on purpose?“, “Is there any evidence that it’s Son Heung Min’s private account?“, “Kim Go Eun was following Son Heung Min’s private account with her official Instagram account???“…

Others showed reactions such as “It seems true“, “Some people believe this“, “I’ll stay neutral until they announce their position“, “Son Heung Min’s ideal type is unchanging“, “They seem to get along“…

Source: Wikitree

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