This rookie actor amazes netizens with his impressive growth through 7 works within the first year of his debut

Actor Hwang Sung Bin captivates the public with his unrivaled charms

New actor Hwang Sung Bin graduated from Dongguk University’s Department of Theater and Film. He made his name and face known to the public after starring in 5 well-loved dramas, such as Netflix’s hit “D.P.” last year, Watcha’s original series “Ultimate Weapon Alice”, ENA’s “New Recruit”, and Wavve’s “Weak Hero Class 1 (Weak Hero)”.

Hwang Sung-bin

In the recently released work “Weak Hero”, he showed off his presence by portraying high school student Tae Hoon, who is rebellious but clumsy. In an interview, “Weak Hero” director Han Joon Hee mentioned Hwang Sung Bin and said, “Other than the main cast, everyone should pay attention to this actor”.

Hwang Sung-bin

There is a reason why Hwang Sung Bin received such favorable reviews. Making his debut last year, the rookie actor has participated in a total of 7 works as of December 2022. Hwang Sung Bin has been acting restlessly since his debut. 

Attention is focused on what kind of performances Hwang Sung Bin, who is impressing viewers with his extraordinary growth, will present in the future. 

Source: wikitree

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