NU’EST W members pick their favorite songs

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Xportsnews asked 10 stars what their favorite songs are.

NUEST W, if you, jr, aron, baekho, ren
NU’EST – Look, Thank you (evening by evening) NU’EST W – If You

“Look’ is a really great song, nothing else needs to be said.” (Baekho)
“Thank you (evening by evening)’ is a song I really like because it’s able to express how grateful I am to our fans every day these days.” (Aron)
“If You’ is such a precious song to me because it’s our first song that ranked high on the charts as soon as it was released and it’s a song that’s so loved by our fans. It’s my favorite song!” (JR)
“If You’ is a song that really connected with me while I was singing it. I think that’s why I feel more love for it, and it’s a track that makes you feel a lot of things, like how precious personal relationships between people is.” (Ren)

NU’EST W can’t help but have the most love for their NU’EST songs as they are preparing to make their comeback on the 10th with “W,HERE.” From Baekho to Aron to JR to Ren, all of them chose NU’EST songs. Because NU’EST has a lot of ‘hidden gems’ in their discography, we think putting their songs on your playlist will be quite a fun experience for anyone.

Source: [xportsnews]
Translated by: @Melodia_Muse

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