Not a girl group member, yet this 45-year-old actress flaunted admirable dance skills 

Even fellow celebrities were shocked as they witnessed this actress breakdancing to BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”.

On October 4th, actress Yoon Se Ah posted a video on her Instagram with the captionBLACKPINK forever”. 

The published video showed Yoon Se Ah dancing to BLACKPINK’s latest title “Shut Down”, at the same time wearing a body-hugging T-shirt and a short skirt. 

blackpink shut down

With her powerful dance moves, the actress quickly drew attention. In particular, Yoon Se Ah perfectly nailed the choreography, to the point that many people believed she was a girl group member. 

Fellow celebrities who saw Yoon Se Ah dance could not help but admire her.

yoon se ah

Actress Wang Bit Na expressed her surprise with a comment saying, “How can you be like this”, while Jung Yu Jin and Jeong Yi Seo cheered and commented, “Senior is really the best!!!” and “You are so awesome.”

Won Jin Ah and comedian Ryu Dam also left responses of “I really respect you” and “Do you not age?”

yoon se ah

Born in 1978, Yoon Se Ah debuted in 2005 through the movie “Blood Rain”.

She then starred in various famous works such as “Lovers in Prague”, “Smile Again”, “City Hall”, “Wife Returns”, “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Gu Family Book”, “Stranger”, “My Sassy Girl”, “Rain or Shine”, “SKY Castle”, “Melting Me Softly”, “The Road: Tragedy of One”, “Snowdrop”, and more.

yoon se ah

Yoon Se Ah, who is usually serious about exercise and dancing, said, “I’m ashamed to say this, but I want to do a perfect performance on a splendid stage. I knew dancing was fun, and after a while, I wanted to dance better.”

Source: wikitree

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