Lee Min-jung reunited with “Boys Over Flowers” F4 Kim Bum who boasts unchanging visual

The reunion of Lee Min-jung and Kim Bum is drawing netizens’ attention.

On August 25th, Lee Min-jung uploaded on her personal SNS account a photo taken when she was attending a recent event of a luxury brand.

The released photo shows Lee Min-jung holding the arms of actor Kim Bum and doing the V sign pose.

Along with the photo, Lee Min-jung added the caption “I met F4 Kim Bum at Montblanc event. The color of the sky made the pictures look more beautiful”, reminding netizens of the time when the two appeared together in KBS 2TV’s “Boys Over Flowers”.

“Boys Over Flowers”, which aired in 2009, depicts the love of a dry cleaner’s daughter who is offered a scholarship to attend a private school and the rich boys at school. Lee Min-jung starred in the drama as Ha Jae-kyung, Goo Joon-pyo (Lee Min-ho)’s fiancée, and Kim Bum appeared as So Yi-jung, a member of the F4.

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