“My Sea” is selected as IU’s No.1 song by netizens

“My Sea” was selected as IU’s No.1 masterpiece among fans.

The online community theqoo held a vote on 89 songs by IU from Jan 15th to Jan 22nd. According to the vote result, “My Sea” ranked first with 29.8%, “Rain Drop” ranked second with 16.1% and “dlwlrma” ranked third with 14.6%. No.4 ~ No.10 respectively belonged to “Secret Garden”, “Knees”, “Celebrity”, “Above The Time”, “Ending Scene”, “The Night Of The First Breakup” and “Meaning Of You”.

My Sea IU

Meanwhile, IU won both the album category and the digital category at the 36th Golden Disc Awards held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Jan 8th. It is the first time since IU’s debut in 2008 that she has won Bonsang in the album category at this awards ceremony. IU expressed her satisfaction through her acceptance speech, “The 36th Golden Disc Awards is my first schedule of the year. Being presented with such a meaningful award, I think I’ll be able to start off the year in a good mood.”

My Sea IU

IU, who also received Bonsang in the digital category, said, “I have many kind and awesome friends around me. Though I feel embarrassed to say this, these nice people have been of great inspiration and help to my music career. I started writing the lyrics of ‘Celebrity’ because I wanted to tell my friend, who was well-loved and hated for their personality, that they are not eccentric, but someone who is like a star.”

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IU added, “I want to ascribe this honor to the people around me who would help me up and give me strength whenever I fall, my beloved Uaenas, my family members, Edam Entertainment and IU team. As for my 30s that’s about to begin, rather than competing with my past self, I’ll lead my life diligently with my current self, and with a new and different side of me. I’m still a lacking person, please hate and love me a lot in the future. They’re all my driving forces. Please take good care of me for another decade.”

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