NewJeans’ Little Sister Went Viral with “Magical Girl” Dance, Member that Shines the Brightest is? 

The iconic “magic girl” choreography for “Magnetic” - the debut title of HYBE’s latest girl group ILLIT, has been drawing attention. 

Recently, HYBE’s latest girl group and NewJeans’ little sister – girl group ILLIT (also known as “I’LL-IT”, has gone viral with their debut title “Magnetic”. In fact, even before the song’s official release on March 25, “Magnetic” has been all over TikTok thanks to its catchy snippet – which was revealed through a highlight medley. 

It seems that after NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, HYBE has succeeded again on the girl group playground. 

With an attractive “magical girl” concept and cute choreography point, the “Magnetic” choreography has also garnered attention, basically becoming a trend on SNS. Dance challenge videos of ILLIT’s “Magnetic”, including those featuring fellow artists such as ENHYPEN, also gains a lot of views.

On the other hand, the virality of the “Magnetic” dance challenge can be partly attributed to the viral fancams of ILLIT during the group’s promotion of the song. Particularly, members Moka and Wonhee are highly praised for fitting the “magical girl” concept perfectly.  

The cute styling as well as sweet and innocent visuals of the 2 female idols shone spectacularly through their fancames. From clean movements to memorable on-point facial expressions, netizens can’t help but express admiration for Moka and Wonhee. 

So far, Moka’s “Magnetic” fancam has recorded almost 500,000 views after 3 days. Her “manga-like” visuals, particularly, got international fans gushing all across SNS platforms. Meanwhile, Wonhee’s cute charisma has made Wonhee a favorite among Korean fans. 

While all 5 members of ILLIT shine in their own way, it seems that Moka and Wonhee shines the brightest in the “magical girl” concept so far. 

You can learn more about ILLIT via the profile of the group.

Source: K14

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