NCT’s fans called out on being the most ignorant Kpop fandom, compared to BTS and TWICE’s fans

Netizens have pointed out the reasons why NCT’s fandom is criticized, do you agree?

Recently, NCT’s fandom has been under fire after showing bad manners and violating social distancing rules at an offline concert that took place on October 30. Korean netizens have then continued to “dig up” the past situations proving that NCTzen is “the most disrespectful Kpop fandom”. A prime example is when NCTzens were waiting for their idols outside the Music Bank studio.

Usually at KBS’s Music Bank – one of the biggest weekly music shows in Korea, before recording for the performances begins, artists will greet their fans and the reporters outside the studio. This habit gives fans the opportunity to see idols up close and take pictures of them on their way to work. 

NCT's fans
Seeing and taking photos of idols when they came to record for Music Bank always makes fans excited. Many fans are willing to queue for 7-8 hours in advance to wait for their idols to arrive
NCT's fans
The crowds line up waiting for idols
NCT's fans
Famous Kpop idols like TWICE…
NCT's fans
NCT's fans
Wanna One…
NCT's fans
and BTS, even though they all have huge fan bases, these artists’ fans all comply with the regulations of the organizers, line up neatly and stay calm when their idols show up 
NCT's fans
Meanwhile, NCT fans often cause chaos
Fans ran after NCT
The chaotic situation when NCT appeared

There is a clear difference when comparing the situations when NCT arrived at the Music Bank studio to other famous groups. While other fandoms were respectful and behaved properly, many fans of the SM’s boy group acted like “zombies”, recklessly running after NCT members and causing total chaos in public. 

There are comments saying that it is not fair to generalize and judge the entire fandom of NCT based on a group of thoughtless people. However, these kinds of situations have occurred not once or twice, but repeatedly, so it is difficult for other Kpop fans to look past them and sympathize with NCTzens. Many netizens do not hesitate to directly call NCT’s fans “the most ignorant Kpop fandom”.

The chaotic situation of NCT fans when they ran after NCT like “zombies” (from 2’38)

Some comments from netizens:

  • NCT has many young fans, so there are lots of brainless ones, it’s been like this since the members were only rookies
  • Sasaeng fans of SM groups are so scary that even the artists are terrified of them. Don’t criticize the artists, it’s not their fault. 
  • NCT’s saesang fans follow them everywhere, they even wait outside their dorms. The members were called during Vlive so many times that Renjun even got mad. 
  • Fans are the face of idols. Have some manners, don’t let your idol get dragged because of your behaviors! 
  • Some Korean fans of NCT are so rude that they even get criticized within the fandom, let alone outsiders.
  • Disappointed but not surprised. NCT’s fans even camp outside the members’ dorms and make up rumors about their idols. There’s nothing they’re afraid of. Korean fans are aggressive, while international fans are lazy.
  • Because NCT fans are all children, they lack basic manners.
  • No but I’m curious, why are NCT fans so obsessed with BTS? NCT isn’t on the same level as BTS, so stop comparing the two groups!


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