“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki Young posted new photo, leaving a fellow actor jealous?

A new photo released by actor Kang Ki Young of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been causing quite a stir. 

On August 4th, actor Kang Ki Young, who has been appearing on the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, published a photo taken with fellow cast members on his Instagram. Ever since, netizens have been leaving cute “protests”.  

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
A photo released by actor Kang Ki Young

The photo in question, which was captioned with “Hanbada”, includes Joo Jong Hyuk, Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, and Ha Yoon Kyung – actors who play the employees of Hanbada Law Firm.

Although they met through a K-drama, the cast members were all smiling brightly during their break, looking like a family who shares a meal together and drawing attention.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Actress Joo Hyun Young left a “jealous comment”

Seeing this, actress Joo Hyun Young left a comment that showed her jealousy, saying: “Another one without me…”

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Joo Hyun Young plays the female lead Woo Young Woo’s best friend, Dong Geurami, and appears a lot. However, as she makes little contact with Hanbada, it is difficult to spot her in photos of the filming site and on other actors’ SNS. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Joo Hyun Young plays the female lead’s best friend, Dong Geurami, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Netizens who saw Hyun Young’s comments soon responded to the actress’ sadness and jealousy with comments like “There is no Dong Geurami again”. As of 4pm on August 8th, 1,890 people had pressed “like”, showing their support for Joo Hyun Young’s comment. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Netizens replied to Joo Hyun Young’s comment 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Why isn’t our Geurami here?
  • Let’s go to Hanbada together!!!
  • Don’t be disappointed, our Geurami! 
  • If only Geurami also join Hanbada
  • Geurami, let’s get a job in Hanbada!

In addition, some expressed that Geurami would join the photo instead of Kwon Min Woo (played by Joo Jong Hyuk), who has been showing ambition to move to Hanbada’s rival firm Taesan in the series. 

joo jong hyuk
Joo Jong Hyuk plays “Tactician Kwon Min Woo” in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

At this, some netizens laughed at how people are deeply immersed in the drama, and left joking comments like “Tactician Kwon Min Woo should leave now”, “Kwon Min Woo is going to change his job”, and “I see a traitor being stuck here.”

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which stars Kang Ki Young, Joo Hyun Young, as well as leading actors Kang Tae Oh and Park Eun Bin and others, is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm on ENA channel. The drama is also available on streaming platforms Netflix and seezn. 

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” consists of a total of 16 episodes, with the finale scheduled to air on August 18th. 

Source: Wikitree

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