Forgotten female idols deserve a ticket to “Fancam Queendom” 

These idols are left out of “Fancam Queendom” despite their high fancam viewership. 

nancy fancam thumbnail
These Idols with exceeding views on personal fancams are not granted the title of “fancam queens”. (Image: Mnet, Show Champion)

MOMOLAND’s Nancy is one the stunning generation 3 K-pop female idols. She is called lovingly as the “half-blood fairy” because of her prominent beauty features from her Asian – European bloodline. Her fancams usually attain a huge number of views, some of which reach millions. However, when the list of 3rd generation “fancam queens” is mentioned, the audience only recall BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Red Velvet’s Irene and TWICE’s Nayeon. 

nancy fancam
Nancy possesses numerous fancams with exceeding views. (Image: Pinterest) 
The female idol also has stunning visuals and amazing expressions on stage, captivating the audience’s attention. (Image: Pinterest) 
However, Nancy is often “overshadowed” by other idols of her generation. (Image: SBS)

ITZY’s Chaeryeong is another forgotten “fancam queen” with exceptional views. Early in her debut, she is often involved in controversies because of her physical appearances. However, as time goes by, the idol’s features become more prominent and she is also able to draw attention to her amazing skills to pull off complex choreography. Despite her million-view fancams, she does not receive much recognition as she deserves. 

itzy chaeryeong
Chaeryeong does not get enough attention she deserves. (Image: Pinterest)
itzy chaeryeong thumbnail
Her visuals and physical appearances are becoming more attractive, captivating the audiences. (Image: SBS)
Chaeryeong has professional dancing skills and good technique execution. (Image: Mnet)
chaeryeong fancam

Similar to Chaeryeong’s situation, during her debut, Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih often found herself in controversies about her physical appearances. Nonetheless, thanks to her group’s expansive international fanbase, the idol becomes one of the members with the most viewed fancams. However, Huening Bahiyyih is still missing from the 4th generation “fancam queen” lineup. 

huening bahiyyih fancam
Huening Bahiyyih is among members with the highest viewed fancams in Kep1er. (Image: YouTube)
The idol has a large international fanbase. (Image: Show Champion)
Huening Bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih was once involved in controversies about her appearance. (Image: Pinterest)

aespa’s Winter, without doubt, has many fancams that reach millions of views. However, the idol still needs a major breakthrough to leave her mark without being outshone. 

winter fancam
Winter has an impressive fancam viewership but falls behind her groupmate, Karina. (Image: YouTube)
The female idol has versatile stage expressions. (Image: Pinterest) 
aespa winter hairstyle
Fans hope she can find her own spotlight. (Image: Pinterest)

Owning an outstanding beauty and wonderful performance skills, these idols are well-deserved of their fans’ love and support. Therefore, they soon need a spot in the “fancam queen” lineup to get their talent truly recognized. 

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