Here’s why Im Si Wan took out his phone and filmed Park Hyung Sik presenting awards

ZE:A member and actor Im Si Wan showed affection for Park Hyung Sik, his fellow bandmate.

In an interview with Wikitree on August 8th, Im Si Wan revealed the secret behind the video of him and Park Hyung Sik that recently went viral across online communities and social media.

Specifically, it is a video of what happened at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards held on July 19th. On this day, Park Hyung Sik, who is in the same idol group ZE:A as Im Si Wan, went on stage together with AOA member and actress Seolhyun as presenters for the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards.

park hyung sik

Before announcing the winners, Park Hyung Sik talked with Seolhyun and chose Netflix’s “D.P.” as the most interesting work recently. At that time, a scene capturing Im Si Wan filming Park Hyung Sik with his phone was shown and became a hot topic of discussion.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions on various online communities and SNS platforms, such as “Im Si Wan’s love for Park Hyung Sik is amazing”, “Im Si Wan looks like a proud parent”, and “He looks so happy seeing Park Hyung Sik on stage”.

im si wan

In the interview, Im Si Wan explained why he filmed Park Hyung Sik, saying, “I saw that Hyung Sik looked more nervous than usual. That’s why I took a video so I could tease him about it.”

Im Si Wan also revealed that he sent the video to Park Hyung Sik right away and said, “I was sitting right in front of him, and Han Hyo Joo was sitting in front of him. So I complained about him choosing ‘D.P.’ over ‘Happiness’ (starring Han Hyo Joo) and ‘Tracer’ (starring Im Si Wan).”

im si wan

Im Si Wan showed a serious attitude throughout the interview while talking about his new movieEmergency Declaration”. However, when the story of Park Hyung Sik, a member who had been with him for a long time since he was a trainee, was brought up, Im Si Wan immediately smiled. 

Source: wikitree

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