What will be HYBE’s focus now that BTS is on hiatus from group promotions? 

After the announcement of BTS’s temporary suspension of group activities, HYBE also updated on the projects that will become their next focus. 

HYBE is reportedly taking the final steps in launching two new platforms in July, including “Weverse 2.0”, an integrated platform that comes with new functions and NFT.

Weverse is a community platform for fans run by HYBE. This year, the company plans to integrate Weverse with Naver’s V Live to introduce Weverse 2.0, which will include functions for live broadcasts along with new services such as: writing letters to artists, creating and decorating private spaces, fans being able to have direct messages with each other, etc. 

Various new features will be updated in Weverse 2.0.

The NFT platform being developed with Dunamu will distribute products focused on the fandoms, rather than the crypto community at large. HYBE will produce a limited number of their artists’ photocards in digital form and allow them to be kept in perpetuity.  HYBE added that this aims to diversify fans’ activities, allowing them to collect, exchange and display their personal NFT collection on the global fandom platform.

HYBE will produce photocards in digital form distributed through the NFT platform

Previously, HYBE received a lot of criticism when BTS announced they would take a break from group activities to focus on solo careers. In addition, whether or not BTS will enlist is also a matter of great public concern. Therefore, during their biggest group’s hiatus, it is understandable that HYBE focuses on working on these platforms, as they are important means for fans to narrow the distance with idols. 

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