“KPOP STAR 6” runner-up Kim Hye Rim: “My agency disintegrated, suffered because of family accident”

The recent status of singer Kim Hye Rim from season 6 of “KPOP STAR” has been revealed, drawing attention.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Recent Olympics” uploaded a video to report Kim Hye Rim’s recent status, calling her a “genius girl that disappeared”.

Kim Hye Rim previously appeared in season 6 of “KPOP STAR,” which ended in 2017, and finished as the runner-up. She was also praised by Yang Hyun Seok, Park Jin Young, and Yoo Hee Yeol, who were judges at the time, making the audience look forward to her future activities. However, she was nowhere to be seen after a long time, and her recent status is only revealed recently.

Kim Hye-rim

Kim Hye Rim said, “I honestly thought a lot about whether I would succeed if I debuted then. At that time, my company was a small company, and it was disintegrated. But I was still tied up by my previous contract. So I can only come to the practice room alone and kept practicing. I went out for practice 365 days a year. When I turned 20, I thought, ‘Ah, this is why adults drink alcohol.’ When I couldn’t use the practice room, I used to practice singing in the underground parking lot of my apartment.”

Kim Hye-rim

She confessed, “Around the end of ‘KPOP STAR’, my grandmother passed away, and my sister got into a big accident in Australia. She injured her hand, but she didn’t receive surgery in time, so she had to amputate it. My whole family had a hard time. After becoming ‘KPOP STAR’ runner-up, I even thought, ‘Does misfortune start to arise around me after I gain this luck?’, ‘Did I take away these people’s luck?’… I had these thoughts for 4~5 years. It was very hard.”

She said, “What broke my heart came to my body. I’d suddenly vomit and have stomach cramps while sleeping. It’s already been 3 years.”

Source: TV Daily

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