Former EXO’s Kris Wu officially transferred to jail, to begin his prison life for 13 years

Sex offender Kris Wu (Wu Yifan) has been officially jailed after being sentenced to 13 years in prison.

On January 15th, according to local Chinese media such as Sina, Kris Wu was officially arrested on the same day and imprisoned in Chaoyang Detention Center.

Kris Wu has no right to pay bail and was awaiting a final sentence. When the sentence is set, he is transferred to a formal prison and begins his prison life.

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Previously, Kris Wu sexually assaulted a drunk woman at his home from November to December 2020. He was also accused of colluding with another person and engaging in indecent acts with two other women in July 2018.

Kris, a former member of EXO, gained a lot of popularity while promoting in China. However, by getting involved in sex crime, from a top star, he has been blacklisted from the Chinese entertainment industry.

Kris Wu

Kris’ nationality is Canadian. Considering this, after completing his sentence, he is expected to be deported back to Canada. In addition, speculations continue in China that after Kris gets deported to Canada, he may be subject to chemical castration.

In Canada, chemical castration for sex offenders is combined with educational programs such as counseling and treatment. In the case of chemical castration, it is carried out without the consent of the person concerned as a security measure.

Source: Nate. 

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