New trend: Famous actors including Kang Dong-won are flocking to YouTube talk shows

Actors are attending talk shows where they can share their stories comfortably

Recently, tvN’s entertainment show “Yoo Quiz on the Block” and YouTube channel “DeunDeun” content “Pinggyego” have been receiving love calls from actors. Considering that it is a comfortable talk show hosted by Yoo Jae-suk, it allows the stars to talk without any burden. In response, Kang Dong-won, who appeared in the movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman,” chose this show for his first variety appearance in a long time. In addition, Im si-wan, whose movie “Road to Boston” is about to be released, came with his best friend Hwang Kwang-hee, and Kang Ha-neul, who starred in the movie “30,” also appeared on “Pingyego.”

Sweet Brother

Shin Dong-yeop’s first YouTube show, “Zzanbro,” is already receiving love calls. Including the channel’s name to the nickname “Zzanbro Shin Dong-yeop”, he made a winning move to have singer Lee Hyo-ri as the first guest. Actors Lee Kyung-young and Kim Min-jong, followed by Ha Ji-won, were also invited. As Shin Dong-yeop is a famous entertainment star, his show, which features stars telling honest stories with a glass of alcohol, is receiving hot reactions from the celebrities and viewers.

Famous stars appear in YouTube contents one after another. There may be reasons for their appearance, such as promoting their work, but it is noteworthy that even stars who are rarely seen on TV appear on YouTube. As such, the environment in which performers can tell their stories honestly is taking place on YouTube.

you quiz on the block

On TV, except for tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” and MBC’s “Radio Star,” there are no more talk shows left to draw out the honest stories of famous actors. On “Radio Star,” it is not easy for a star to tell his story in depth as a number of guests appear together. Naturally, actors’ appearances were concentrated on “Yoo Quiz on the Block.” This is why top actors such as Kang Dong-won, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Byung-hun, and Jeon Do-yeon appeared in this show in a row.

An official from an actor management company said, “For actors, entertainment is not their specialized field. It is not easy to appear on variety shows even if there is special affection or fan sentiment, top actors whose image management is important are even more so. They are relatively open to travel shows or promotional opportunities, but there are fewer broadcasts where actors can talk naturally than before. During that time, access to YouTube has increased, and I think their appearance (on YouTube) has been successful.”

Source: naver

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