New poster for BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut caused a buzz owning to her charisma and model-like pose

Lisa again dazzled the audience with the unique concept of taking photos for her solo debut. No best, only better!

Fans have the days to look forward to BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut. YG has also continuously released teaser videos and teaser posters for the single album LALISA.  On September 2, Lisa continued to appear on a new poster with a unique image, a very spectacular “full black” appearance.

The maknae completely dominated with her powerful charisma. In the poster, she hangs from the ceiling on a chain as she looks straight at the camera with her piercing gaze. The BLACKPINK member was said to have a model-like pose.

And according to the information on the newly released poster, Lisa will hold a Vlive on September 10, an hour before her first solo music video is unveiled.

In the related news, the 2nd visual teaser for Lisa’s first single album ‘LALISA’ was also released. 

Lisa will officially make her solo debut on September 10. More surprises are still ahead until the official LALISA product is launched.

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