The background music in Lisa’s latest teaser is not her new song ‘LALISA’

“Detectives” on the Internet have found out the original song that owns the BGM played in Lisa’s teaser.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut is the most anticipated event for KPOP fans this September. At midnight of September 1, the 2nd visual teaser for Lisa’s first single album ‘LALISA’ was released.

Apart from Lisa’s new hip-hop concept, the 21-second teaser also attracted the audience with its catchy yet creepy background music. The beat was fast, and it thrilled the listeners. Many people thought it was a small part of Lisa’s new song, but it turned out that it was actually the soundtrack of a song called “Trapped In My Nightmares” by WEARETHEGOOD.

This information has been confirmed on BLACKPINK’s official TikTok page. I have to admit that YG‘s team chose the music really well. WEARETHEGOOD’s ‘Trapped In My Nightmares’ fits perfectly in the magical and “excellent” teaser video, making the teaser even more attractive to viewers.


Lisa will officially make her solo debut on September 10. More surprises are still ahead until the official LALISA product is launched.

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