Netizens react to IVE’s first time singing live on a music show after debut

Drawing criticism for weak live vocals last year, does IVE’s first live stage of 2022 sound better? 

After coming under controversy over unstable vocals during previous encore stages, IVE seems determined to do better and show off their skills to the fans. On January 7, IVE promoted ELEVEN on Music Bank’s New Year show. This is known as the first live performance on a music show of Starship’s rookie girl group since their debut.

IVE’s first time singing live
Music Bank was IVE’s first live stage on a music show
ELEVEN – IVE (Music Bank January 7th, 2022)
(MR Removed) ELEVEN – IVE

Overall, the group had a relatively good performance with only a few parts exposing weak and out-of-breath vocals. The three members receiving the most compliments were Rei, Liz, and Yujin. Although there were still some minor mistakes, these are the members with the most stable vocals. Their live vocals are said to sound almost the same as the audio version.

The remaining members Gaeul, Leeseo, and Wonyoung are not part of the main vocal line, but they also show they have improved and delivered their parts quite well. Previously, at some encore stages, Wonyoung was criticized for singing in a barely audible voice and lacking improvement even after 3 years of debut.

IVE’s first time singing live
Perhaps a while after debut, IVE is gradually becoming more comfortable on stage and more confident in showing their skills.
IVE’s first time singing live
Wonyoung is recognized for her singing improvement.
  • They sound so stable singing live today, I’m surprised!
  • IVE members did a great job! Their live vocals are surprisingly good!
  • People were waiting for IVE’s encore stage to nitpick, but today they sang live.
  • Yujin’s high note was excellent.
  • The girls did well. Next time let’s win more trophies.
  • Starship let them sing live. I’m sure that their encore will improve in just a few days.


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