Netizens compare live vocals of IVE and aespa on the same music show

Which 4th generation rookie has better live singing skills? 

IVE and aespa are currently the hottest female rookie groups of Kpop 4th generation. Although they have only debuted for a short time, both girl groups have soon achieved remarkable success.

Aside from praises, IVE and aespa both have stumbled into controversies over skills or attitude. Recently, netizens compare live vocals of IVE and aespa members based on the MR removed videos of their encore performances on Music Core

Less than a month into their debut, IVE has received many music show wins with their debut track “Eleven“. On the Music Core encore stage, the Starship’s girl group confidently sang live because Music Core would always play AR in the background. When separating the background music, netizens were disappointed when only Liz sounded stable and did not lip-sync. Maknae Leeseo did not even hold the mic near her mouth. The most controversial member is Wonyoung when she was lip-syncing almost all of her lines. 

MR removed Eleven – IVE (Music Core)
Liz is the girl with the best vocals among IVE members
Leeseo’s voice is thin and weak
jang won young
Wonyoung only sang at a super low volume and mostly lip-synced to background music with available vocals

Also on the show Music Core, aespa surprised the audience with their good live singing ability. In particular, the two main vocals of the group, NingNing and Winter, are not afraid to hit high notes, showing off their strong vocal skills. Although Music Core played AR in the background, the girls still sang live.

MR removed Savage – aespa (Music Core)
winter aespa
Winter confidently sang her part and did not seem to make any mistakes
NingNing perfectly hit high notes

Thus, it can be affirmed that, in terms of live singing skills, the SM girls have completely won over the representative from Starship!

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