BLACKPINK Lisa’s “MONEY” surpassed Jennie’s “SOLO” to achieved 300 million streams on Spotify in the shortest time for a KPOP solo

BLACKPINK Lisa’s first solo album sidetrack “MONEY” has once again set a new record on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform.

According to YG Entertainment on December 30th, Lisa’s “MONEY” surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify this morning. It has been 112 days since it was released on September 10.


This is the shortest period for a K-pop solo artist to reach the number of streams. Jennie, who achieved 300 million streams for the first time as a Korean solo artist with “SOLO,” gained the previous record after about 960 days.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s solo album title song “LALISA” topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 72 countries and the Global YouTube Song Top 100 chart for the second consecutive week.


In addition, in the U.S.’s Billboard Hot 100, “LALISA” ranked 84th and “MONEY” ranked 93rd, showing that both songs on the idol’s solo album are on the main single chart of the mainstream pop market.

In particular, “MONEY” gained popularity after a while since its release, ranking fifth on the Spotify global chart, and successfully charting in the UK’s Official Single Top 100 and the US’s Billboard Hot 100, respectively, for eight and two consecutive weeks.

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