Netizens discuss changes in visuals of the ‘stan attractors’ trio: BTS’s Jungkook, ITZY’s Yuna and aespa’s Karina

Not only are Jungkook, Yuna and Karina famous for their appearance, but their faces also often get “scrutinized” and suspected of undergoing plastic surgery by netizens. 

When it comes to Kpop idols, visuals are always a hot topic. Specifically, one of the most frequent discussions on online communities is the change in the appearance of idols over time. 

Recently, 3 popular idols often named in visual topics on Pann Nate are BTS’s Jungkook, ITZY’s Yuna and aespa’s Karina. They are also known as the ‘stan attractors’ of their groups partly thanks to eye-catching looks. However, aside from posts complimenting their visuals, there are also many posts suspecting these 3 idols of getting minor surgeries done on their faces. These changes are deemed subtle so it’s difficult to notice. Let’s see how Jungkook, Karina and Yuna have “transformed” since debut! 

BTS’s Jungkook 

When he first debuted, Jungkook’s eyelid space was quite small. Later, the maknae of BTS had bigger eyelids
The difference between Jungkook’s eyes when he debuted
… and now make Korean netizens suspicious 
Many netizens believe that Jungkook had undergone minor eyelid surgery to have prettier eyes
But most fans disagree and claim that Jungkook’s eyes are all natural. Many behind-the-scenes moments show that he still has hooded eyes with hidden eyelids, the same as a few years ago

aespa’s Karina 

Netizens compare Karina’s eyes predebut and now
When she was in highschool, Karina had downturned eyes
After debut, Karina flaunted her upgraded visuals. Her eyes also have bigger eyelid creases
Looking at Karina’s change in appearance, many netizens can’t help but suspect that she had eyelid surgery

ITZY’s Yuna 

Netizens point out the most noticeable change in Yuna’s face: the size of her nose bridge 
Previously, Yuna’s nose tip was quite large. After some time, her nose has gotten smaller
Many netizens say they like Yuna’s visuals in 2019 more than now
The supposedly “new nose” makes Yuna’s face look somewhat less natural?


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