Netizens debate over how Seulgi (Red Velvet) – Somi wore the same clothing item

Netizens seem to be more on Somi’s side.

On Red Velvet’s new ablum jacket, Seulgi wears a fringed skirt along with tights. The items are complicatedly mixed which creates a chaotic outfit. Many netizens had said that this outfit is too hard to understand and it was a disgrace to the visual of this Red Velvet member. Seulgi’s dress was actually made from a top of the brand Calvin Klein which costs 350 USD.

Seulgi’s outfit is criticized as being chaotic and messy.

On a weekly music show, Somi was seen wearing the same clothing item with her Red Velvet senior. She wore the fringed top with a turtleneck and shorts. What’s worth saying is that they both wear the same item but the styles are very different.

Somi is complimented for wearing the top…as a top

To Korean netizens, Somi is the winner of this fashion battle. In the comments, they said: “Somi wears it better, what’s wrong with Seulgi’s outfit?”; “This is not a very nice top but Somi’s is better”; “Somi’s visual is more attractive”; “YG’s stylist is doing a good job. Red Velvet’s only problem is their stylists…”

In June this year, Red Velvet returns with “Zimzalabim” while Somi debuts with “BIRTHDAY”. Both were highly expected in this summer music battle. However, the response for both songs are quite diverse and couldn’t quite reach the high expectation.

Source: iONE

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